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Material cost estimates

Please enter the wall area to be built, select the thickness of the bricks
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Plaster 0 0 bao 0 VNĐ
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  • Price m2
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  • User manual: Select the total amount of wall area to buil into the box "wall area to be built" EX: 120m2. Then select the tile type, tile size and brick thickness. The amount of mortar needed to buil the system will automatically calculate.
  • For mortar, there will be many options. For example, bowl of sand cement as common wall, you need to apply mortar 401 then pain sand cement mortar. The amount of grout  calculated on 1 side.
  • Prices include 10% VAT at the factory, but not including shipping costs.
  • The above price is for reference only, please contact: 0888694499 to get the best price.
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