Mortar Intermediate EBH-401
Mortar Intermediate EBH-401
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    EBH-401 intermediate thin mortar used in AAC Blocks lightweight wall system has high adhesion, is an intermediate mortar between AAC lightweight brick wall system (AAC Autoclaved aerated concrete wall) and sand cement mortar usually, common, normal. Overcome incompatibility phenomenon when applying normal sand cement mortar on AAC system of light bricks.


Intermediate mortar, EBH-401 for all AAC Blocks, AAC Panel lightweight wall systems.

Directly stirred by the mason with a hand-held mixer. Thin bowl thickness <1mm increases adhesion and reduces water loss.

The norm for the consumption of intermediate mortar, EBH-401 lining for AAC brick lightweight wall system is about 1kg / 1m2 with an intermediate layer thickness of about 1mm.

Intermediate mortar, EBH-104 primer specialized in lightweight AAC brick wall, also known as autoclaved aerated concrete brick. Produced on the number one modern technology line in Vietnam. Helps lightweight AAC brick wall system be stable over time, no shrinkage and cracking in accordance with the extreme hot and humid climate of Vietnam.


Bao bì EBH-401 khối lượng 25kg, hướng dẫn sử dụng trộn với nước sạch, định lượng được in trực tiếp trên bao bì.
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