Shipping and delivery

Shipping policy and delivery according to the company's regulations.

  • Shipping cost is calculated in m3 and will be quote and agreed in detail together with the order, customers can pay with deposite or payment upon delivery.
  • For cases of exchange and return, the customer please pay shipping charger. Except the case of surplus goods after delivers goods incorrectly to the customer's orders, the goods are defective.
  • Delivery time: to 8.00am from 17pm all days of the week except Sunday and holiday.
  • Delivery means: truck, crane-truck

After receiving the order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to the information to the customer about payment and delivery. Delivery time is from 1-3 days from the date of closing orders or as agreed with customers.

However, there are cases where the delivery is longer but only occurs in the following force majeure circumstances:

  • Company employees cannot contact the customer by phone, so cannot deliver them.
  • The shipping address you provided is incorrect or hard to find.
  • The partner supplied materials to the company later than expected, resulting in slower delivery.
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